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Peter Easton (c. 1570 – 1620 or later) was a pirate in the early 17th century who operated from 1611 to 1614 along the coastline of Newfoundland between Harbour Grace and Ferryland. Perhaps one of the most successful of all pirates, he controlled such seapower that no sovereign or State could afford to ignore him. He was never overtaken or captured by any fleet commissioned to hunt him down. Incredibly, he is not as well known as some of the other pirates from the late 17th and early 18th centuries.

The turning point in Easton's career came in 1603 when Elizabeth I, Queen of Britain, was succeeded by James I. The king sued for peace with Spain and cancelled all letters of commission to privateers. Easton continued his attack on vessels as though nothing had changed. In so doing, he had crossed the line into piracy.

Easton attacked Spanish ships for gold they were transporting from the West Indies and the Mediterranean while demanding and receiving protection money from English ships. In 1610, he blockaded the Bristol Channel, effectively controlling the shipping entering and leaving the western English ports. For the most part, he was acting on behalf of the powerful Kelligrews family from Falmouth, Cornwall. They financed his expeditions and also shared in his profits.

Welcome to Easton`s Treasure

As we begin to develop the show, we want to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters on Facebook and all of the Instagram friends for sharing Easton's Treasure.

The show is made up of two elements, a dramatic short film about Peter Easton`s journey as a business man for the British Crown and an on the ground search for evidence supporting the film.

This compelling story tells the tale of an Admiral Captain turned pirate, Peter Easton. He faces a choice after being abandoned by his home country in a world so far away from everything he has ever known. He plans a lucrative campaign to obtain the many riches of unsuspecting countries from around the globe. The race to colonize the New World is at its peak, this sends Peter into a world of plunder and thievery off the Atlantic coast of Newfoundland.

Music by: Vey & Reynolds
Drone Footage By: DroneNL 
Narration by: Alastair G Rogers
Director/Producer/Writer: Stafford BW Jenkins
Project Lead/Editor: Robert Dicks
Lead Investigator: Robert Dumond
Research and FX: Patrick Farrell Playing "Gilbert Pike"
Relics/Props: Ralph Dawe Playing "John Guy"
Music/Actor: Corey Reynolds Playing "Peter Easton"
Studio Music By: (Brett Vey) The Musicbox Studio
Adventures in History (Marc Hoover)
Rock Island Gear Clothing Apparel (Kaywood Elliot)
The Rose Manor Inn

Note from the Director

It's always a learning curve whenever you take on a new project. I am excited and looking forward to working with the cast. We have an amazing team on the set. The show will air Live June 23rd at 8 pm. Visit us on Facebook to find out more!

"Stafford Jenkins"



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